Frequently asked questions

What is the Styles Rewards Program?

The Style Rewards program is a customer loyalty program offered by Laura and Melanie Lyne. Registration is free and customers can earn rewards in store and online.

How do I earn Style Rewards?

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent in store & online at Laura or Melanie Lyne. Receive up to $25 in Style Rewards for every 300 points earned. The Style Rewards will be issued to your personal account. Points cannot be earned by purchasing Laura or Melanie Lyne gift cards, nor on any amount spent using loyalty tender (Style Rewards) as a method of payment.

How do I redeem my Style Rewards?

You can redeem your Style Rewards in store and online. The Style Rewards can only be redeemed by the person whose name appears on the account, and are not transferable. If you don't use all your Style Rewards in a single transaction, the balance will carry over until they expire.

Do my rewards expire?

Your Style Rewards will expire 60 days from issue.

What happens to my rewards when I return items?

When you return items purchased with Style Rewards, we issue a refund for the amount paid and credit the Style Rewards to your account. The original expiry date of the Style Rewards will apply to the credited amount.

Are there different levels in the Styles Rewards Program?

Our Style Rewards program has three levels: Insider, Luxe and Elite. Once you register for the Style Rewards program, you're automatically classified as an Insider. To qualify for Luxe membership, you must earn between 900 and 1,799 points in a 12-month period. As a Luxe member, you'll receive additional benefits and be eligible to earn Style Rewards. To qualify for Elite membership, you must earn 1,800 or more points in a 12-month period. As an Elite member, you'll receive additional benefits and be eligible to earn more Style Rewards.